Healing Our Inner Child: Audio courses

We all have wounds. We have suffered some kind of emotional and mental trauma that originated in childhood. It created our pains: sadness, anger, disappointments, low self-esteem/image, feelings of inadequacies/ inferiority, etc. These pains expressed themselves in different ways: depression and other mental/emotional disorders and illnesses, self-destructive thinking and sabotaging patterns, sacrificial mentality—– all that has its roots in trauma. Often than not, we carry these traumas, pains and its consequences with us into adulthood. This becomes a problem, as it disrupts and robs us our life; our joy, peace and personal power. Our past, and all that pertains, haunts us in our present day, regardless of our unawareness of its affect.

Ask yourself some of these questions. It may alert you to the inner child, and it’s unhealed wounds. Think deeply of what it means for you:

Do you feel held back, unable to do what you want,  and set out to do? You know it’s you but you can’t understand the block?   

And every time you try, you sabotage your efforts? Are you stuck in certain sabotaging behavioral patterns that you cannot shake? You know better, but cannot do better? Are you stuck in life, unable to move forward?

Are you in constant fear? Are you riddled with anxiety, and worry, even for the smallest things that do not warrant that response?

Are you easily discouraged, feeling hopeless, and depressed?

Do you feel like you are split in two; thoughts, emotions, ideals, your behavior and choices? What about your integrity?

If you can relate to these questions, and have answered yes, the you may (most likely) need  inner child healing. This course help you identify your behavior, and help you understand why you do what you do; what your wounded inner child is communicating to you, and how to tap into it.  You will be given guidance and the tools to help you in your process of healing the past you (inner child), so you can move forward, stand ion your power and create a better life for yourself.

*****These courses are PRE-RECORDED audio mp3 files;  you can take it anywhere, listen to in your own way, at your pace, wherever you are. ********

Introduction courses to Healing Our Inner Child course (2 classes):

    1. Positive affirmations (power of positive thinking)

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                2.  Mindfulness, breathing and meditation

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** (Utilizing techniques in the above list, for the courses below, if necessary) ***

Healing Our Inner Child (6 classes)

    1. Introduction to Childhood wounds (1 class)
  • What they are; mental and emotional wounds, childhood wounds; Causes for childhood Wounds, Unmet childhood needs
  • What is the Inner Child; , Recognizing the signs that your inner child needs healing/merging

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Steps to healing our inner wounded child (5 classes)

    1. Listening to and addressing your Inner Child (1 class) $8
  • Learning to hear the things the child is saying that are bothering her, know that it is there; listening to the body.
  • Using Breathing and meditation to assist with communication, asking questions, and trusting the answers

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2.  Accepting and validating your inner
 child (1 class) $8

  • Removal, and receiving of her fear (feelings of danger, threat, anxiety and worry)
  • Removal, and receiving of her shame (unworthiness)
  • Removal, and receiving of her inadequacy (not feeling enough)
  • Removal, and receiving of her insecurity (no confidence )
  • Removal, and receiving of her sadness and loneiness (no one is here, no one understands)
  • Understanding what is being said (why she would feel that way)
  • Correcting lies of what she believes (telling her the truth)

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3.  Encouraging and supporting your inner child (1 class) $8

  • Soothing her, strengthening her, tell her what she needs to know about herself
  • Soothing her, strengthening her, tell her what she can do
  • Soothing her, strengthening her, tell her the good things she has done

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4. Loving unconditionally (1 class) $8

  • Words of love
  • Being patient, and kind
  • Paying attention to her, when she needs it (acknowledge her)
  • Giving her what she desires (innocent curiosities, and playfulness)
  • Approve of her (she is okay the way she is)

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5. Protecting your inner child (1 class) $8

  • Assure her that she is protected
  • Not allowing anymore disrespect, mistreatment, abuse, of any kind from other people to ever harming her again ( removal and releasing of it, setting boundaries, speaking truth)
  • Avoid, and choose to break habits of self-harm, and abuse

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You can take all 6 classes of Inner Child Healing Course (mentioned above) +   2 introduction classes of Positive Affirmations (power of positive thinking), and Mindfulness, Breathing and Meditation.

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