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How the Rift I had with God was Fixed: Changing Perspectives for Those in Despair

Written By: Me! (Simone Napier)

Attention: You do not have to be a spiritual and/or religious person to read this book. This is for anyone who is searching for answers and has an open heart and mind.

Description: Have you ever felt this way? (here’s a few excerpts from book):

What the heck did I do in this life—or past life of this matter—to reap such hellish circumstances? I just couldn’t put the two extremes together, it never fit. As much as I loved and was drawn to God, this Higher Power, I had a rift, there, that wouldn’t go away……”

Does this also describes you?……

Perhaps, you don’t say this to anyone (because you as a spiritual or religious individual); you don’t want them to know that yes, you are blessed, and have survived many storms, but you are unhappy—scratch that—downright depressed and resentful to the One that could have stopped those things from happening. It takes a lot to admit, that you are no longer sure of the purpose of God, spirituality or religion, in your life, because the pieces of the puzzle, just will not fit. And it gnaws at you, and perhaps makes you sick. Let’s be real……

If so, this can be you too….

One day, this understanding or knowing dawned on me, about the puzzle pieces that I had been trying to jam together for years; came together so beautifully, that I understood. I cried. No, I cleansed, mightily. It was the only thing I had been waiting for, and the feeling was indescribable; it was overwhelming. It was like all facets of myself clicked into alignment, or like something very important, and long forgotten, was remembered in exactly the right time, but it was more than that…..”

Find out what is revealed to the author that changed her life forever. What was it that dismantled the upset, resentment, heartbreak, and sorrow, the trauma? The things that  hung over her like a cloud for years; dissipating with understanding, relief, love and peace??Find out why a simple but POWERFUL paradigm shift in our thinking,  ultimately our beliefs, and perspectives, can heal us profoundly , and change our lives forever.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why you’re not alone
  • Why you shouldn’t give up
  •  The truth of your life, and it’s importance
  • The truth of you regardless of what has come against you
  •  The truth about your trials, challenges, difficulties, your deepest pains and traumas, what it means; and why it is not what you think it is

 The ultimate goal this book will help you do: To rid yourself of victim-hood and pity, despair/depression, resentment and anger. To give you an understanding for the release you’ve been wanting.

 If you are visiting from Amazon, you can write to me from my Contact page, (click the black box on the utmost top, on the right) here on this site. If you are like podcasts, I have one you can listen to on YouTube (as it is no longer available on the podcast directories):

And there are also other articles/ blogs based on the podcast, here as well.

Woman’s Program: Reclaiming Wholeness


You are Survivor! That is awesome!

But…. Who the heck are you?

This is a special  program is for women who are survivors sexual abuse.  They have gone through the initial stage recovery; and at the stage where they are at a crossroads with their self-identity. They have identified with their abusive past for so long, that have lost sense of who they truly are. This about personal development, spirituality, overcoming the distortion, lies, and reclaiming  what is rightfully yours as a woman.



Episodes and Blog Post:

  1. Now That You’ve Survived, Do You Know Who You Are?:
  2. Seeing Abuse From A Spiritual Perspective:
  3. Seeing Yourself As A Three-Part Being:
  4. Knowing Your Purpose:
  5. How to Overcome: Defining Yourself By Shame:
  6. How to Overcome: Defining Yourself By Feelings Of Inferiority
  7. How to Overcome:Defining Yourself By Rage
  8. How to Overcome: Self-Pity And Hopelessness
  9. How to Overcome: Anxiety and Worry
  10. How to Overcome: Doubt and Confusion
  11. How to Overcome: Physical Neglect(Part 1)
  12. How to Overcome: Physical Neglect(Part 2)
  13. How to Overcome: Physical Neglect(Part 3)
  14. How to Overcome: Self Sacrifice and Codependency
  15. How to Overcome: Overindulgence (Part 1)
  16. How to Overcome: Overindulgence (Part 2)
  17. How to Overcome: Overindulgence (Part 3)
  18. How to Overcome: Self-Criticism 
  19. How to Overcome Fear: Projection
  20. How to Overcome Fear:The Need To Control Others
  21. How to Overcome Fear: Envy
  22. Dealing With: Emotional Slumps, Emotional Fatigue and Exhaustion  (Part 1)
  23. Dealing With: Emotional Slumps, Emotional Fatigue and Exhaustion  (Part 2)
  24. Dealing With: Stress, Delayed-Onset PTSD, And Adrenaline Fatigue (Part 1) 
  25. Dealing With: Stress, Delayed-Onset PTSD, And Adrenaline Fatigue (Part 2)
  26. Dealing With: Upheavals, Triggers, And Delayed-Onset PTSD
  27. Dealing With: Depression
  28. Dealing With: Depression and Self-Neglect
  29. Dealing With: Depression and Overindulgence   

Starting the Journey: Introducing My new Program

By: Simone N

Do you know the answers to any of the burning questions of the difficulties, challenges and problems of your life? How I self-improve despite the changes and inconsistencies in transition ? How to deal with the uncertainty and confusion?  How to deal with the frustration, anger, and exhaustion,  hopelessness, of it all?

I will delve into these issues that plague us, and more. In my new blog series and podcast show , you will be able to get the information in whichever way you desire; an extended more in-depth commentary in an audio podcast (you can also subscribe and download to the show at Stitcher or iTunes), or read a short, concise version in a written post. It is your choice.

Let’s start.

 Transition, Loss and Change: How and why it is so Difficult: transition-loss-and-change-how-and-why-it-is-so-traumatic-and-difficult

2. Loss and the Power of Letting go loss-and-the-power-of-letting-go

3. True Friends: What are they?:

4. Developing Self Awareness:

5.Developing Self Love: Trust, Confidence and Respect:

6. Developing Self; Childhood Wounds: The Cause of Self-Sabotage?

7. Developing Self: Acknowledging and Healing Emotional Sabotage:


Take the Journey: Do you need a Confidante?

This is the post excerpt.

There are times in our lives where we experience pain, heartache, trauma, and other difficult challenges. We don’t know where to turn, who to speak to, and even what to do. It can be a scary, frustrating, and discouraging place to be in. It can make all the more difficult when you are or feel alone; it can compound the difficulty.

I specifically designed this “thing”; website, podcast, and whatever other “vehicle” I can use to reach anyone going through a dark space in their life. It may have been preceded by a tragedy, and/or transition, loss , (of any kind); and has consequently created a lost feeling of happiness, fulfillment, hope or purpose.

This person–perhaps you–is not sure of themselves. They don’t feel that they can trust their own path; their own thoughts, themselves, and other people. Life feels  too heavy, painful or empty. They are in desperate need of a place of peace and understanding. Sometimes all we need is a Confidant(e) to help us through. 

Confidant(e)s are far and few in between. Confidant(e)s are a more than a friend; they are a trusted friend. You can trust them with your secrets, your fears, your vulnerabilities. And the best part is, you don’t have to fear betrayal, dishonesty, or any kind ill or unfair treatment. They are into you. They are for you. You know it when you meet them. How many people in your life can you say are you Confidant(e)s?

I can take the journey with you, in the twists and turns of life.

Here I am, your Confidante.