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Deep Inner Work Coaching

What I seek to do : Resolving pain, finding peace and power for young adults who are lonely and/or dealing with feelings of loneliness, hurt and sadness in transition to mature adulthood.

Who it is for:

  • Young Adults ages: 19 to 30
  • Young adults in transitions; which are facilitating changes in lifestyle, personal roles and identity, behavior, practices, attitudes, beliefs, life’s meaning and focus
  • Young adults in transition to mature adulthood struggling to deal with loss and change; friends, family (separation, breakups, change in dynamics of familiarity), childhood paradigms (of thoughts feelings, behavior, roles), feeling vulnerable, and lonely
  • Young adults going through a personal/spiritual transformation/transition that brings loss (of friends, family, associations, sense of personhood and identity), feelings of loneliness, vulnerability, and/or feelings of isolation
  • Young adults in transition who have found themselves in a situation/circumstance, dynamic, and/or position of isolation, or created one; who are claiming themselves as a loner, misfit, or outcast

The Problems (do you have these issues?):

  • Feeling sick and tired of feeling sorry for yourself (victim mentality); feeling helpless, pity, powerless, alone and forgotten
  • Finding ways to sabotage yourself; in thoughts, attitude and behavior, affecting your progress, performance, opportunities in all areas of life
  • Feeling unable to truly let go of what once was
  • Having conflict between feelings of loneliness, pity and isolating one’s self
  • Suffering from self-esteem issues; you want to reclaim, and stand in your own  personal power,  feel certain and grounded in who you are and what you are about
  • Feeling confused about self-identity; wanting to know who you are, fully, and completely; have true self awareness
  • Wanting to know you true purpose and, and place in this world

Solutions (what to do about it):

  • Understanding and becoming aware of your life in its present state; extracting the life lessons to accept, then choose another path of what you desire it to be
  • Changing paradigms; thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, your perspective of what is happening (life’s situations/circumstances, events, changes, loss, personal status, development, identity) and what it means,  for empowerment
  • Identifying and resolving the toxic emotions/emotional and mental states that wreak havoc on your wellbeing; that which is creating further issues and difficulties. Excessive emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, worry
  • Identifying bad habits (sabotage) that are blocking, hindering your (mental, emotional, physical) progression, happiness, fulfillment, and peace in daily life in all aspects: self-esteem/worth and confidence, work, purpose, school, family, social interactions and relationships
  • Identifying and breaking areas of self-sacrifice, self-abuse; dishonoring oneself and truth, that are creating complications, and difficulties
  • Dissolving the victim mentality by putting into perspective the commonality of human lessons, challenges and hardships
  • Developing self-awareness, acceptance, self-esteem, and confidence regardless of social/economic status, relationships (family, friends, partnerships), hardships; stress, challenges, loss, disappointment and frustration
  • Learning to communicate effectively; asserting needs, telling the truth to yourself and others
  • Defining life’s meaning; value, and purpose, discovering your present participation and role in it; discover and/or acknowledge your Divine purpose, whether you are living it or not. Distinguishing between a role that is false and imposed by others and/or self-inflicted, and your rightful position of purpose and power
  • Introducing and using a holistic perspective and approach for personal development and healing

What I offer:

Webinars for various topics relating on your personal development, self-awareness, self-esteem to ultimately reclaim your power, and the life you want to create.

Here is a quick list of the webinars that I am offering. The details are in the survey, provided for you after you fill out your name and email on my contact page.

They are as follows:

  • Disempowering Fear
  • Improving Communications
  • Developing Self-Acceptance

Building Self-esteem with these important and necessary tasks:

  • Overcoming self-criticism
  • Overcoming shame and guilt
  • Overcoming anxiety and worry
  • Identifying and overcoming self-sabotage
  • Dissolving victim mentality
  • Settling self-sacrifice tendencies and behavior

These as well:

  • What they are: Loneliness and isolation
  • What you are blocking with unforgiveness
  • Discovering life purpose

What issues/problems and services I DO NOT cater to:

  • Grief counselling and/or therapy; pertaining to death, or
  • Relationships ( marriage issues separation/divorce) family and couples conflict resolution and counselling
  • Children (parenting, adoption, mental health) advice, counselling or therapy
  • Mental illness/heath issues; diagnosis and treatment (ex. such as clinical depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, anorexia, etc.) also,
  • Addictions (drug abuse, alcoholism, cutting, food, etc.); diagnosis, therapy, and treatment
  • Anger management