How To Overcome: Doubt And Confusion

(A Woman’s Guide To Reclaiming Wholeness After Sexual Abuse)

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By Simone N

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Episode #10

Are you always confused and doubtful?

Have you considered that  you have all the answers your questions?

What can you do to unearth this inner wisdom?


Doubt is something that we all experience, it is a part of being human.

To doubt, is to feel uncertain about a thing; we may question if something is true. Doubt is an uncomfortable feeling, as we like to know, and be in control. It makes us feel afraid, or in fear (ego).

Confusion can differ is a little way, but is intertwined with doubt. To feel confused is to be bewildered, not being able to think clearly. This can be a anxiety producing state to be in, when we don’ t know what to do. This can also cause us to feel afraid, and not safe in our world.

We can be, in many times, and feel doubtful or confused about our choices, circumstances, relationships, etc, because we aren’t aware, or distrustful of our instincts/intuition. Many times we do know, however we were told otherwise (opinions, beliefs, their experiences) and become confused and doubt.

Here are some things we can do to relieve confusion and doubt:

  • Build your intuition/instincts.This instinct/intuition is our divine wisom; divine knowledge that knows everything, and is 100% correct al of the time. It is that small voice that speaks to us constantly, and we can hear it when we are tuning in. To have mastered the skill of recognizing our intuition and following it, is the cure for doubt and confusion. You will be told exactly what to do, what is right for you, for your own good. The pointers following can help you build that inutition and knowingness, also to get all the mental oise out of the way to hear it.
  • Breathe. When you are experiencing anxiety and/or fatigue as a result of confusion, we cannot think clearly. We need to releve the tension of mind (and body) by breathing deeply  (to oxygenate,provide extra oxygen), which can help us to clear our thoughts, thus becoming easier for the solution, or answer to surface. A relaxed mind can function more effectively.
  • Another reason for confusion is fatigue. Sometimes we cannot think clearly beacuse we are tired. Take a nap. Sleep refreshes, renews, and repairs the mind. Answers even come to you in your sleepp state (you will know if  paying attention, and can decipher symbols). Pay attetion to what you drean about.
  • Surender. The answer is already within, but is blocked by something. What is needed is to let go. Let it go, release it, drop the subject, the figuring out, stress, fustration, anger that comes along with it. Let the understanding, revelation, come to you. When you are not in resistance (stress, anxiety, confusion), things flow, the answer flows.
  •  Your body wil tell you the truth, the answer. For example, if you are contemplating a problem and think of one side of it, your body feels tense, stress, sick or unease, then it is most likely communicating to you that it is not the right choice for you, it is a warning. Now, on the other hand, if you thinking of another option, and your body feels excited, energized, peaceful, and at ease, then it is may be the right option or path for you. It is communicating, “keep going” or “that’s the best for you”. Pay attention to your body and tue in.


You have the ability to make the right choices and overcoming doubt and confusion. With these points you can build your awareness of intuition/instincts, your true feelings.

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