How To Overcome: Overindulgence (Part 3)

(A Woman’s Guide To Reclaiming Wholeness After Sexual Abuse)

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By Simone N

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Episode #17

Have you taken self enhancement to the extreme?

What is at the core of these behaviors and practices?

What can be done to reverse the excessive need  to enhance or modify your appearance?

As women, we like to adorn, enhance, or modify our bodies in some ways, for our ideas of beauty and attractiveness. This is OK, and part of being a woman; a natural characteristic we possess. And it’s fun.

 The type of body modification that I would like to speak about today, is the kind that to alters or modifies the body through artificial means, in an unhealthy and excessive way. What I mean, is to possibly have procedures done (plastic surgery); put foreign objects in the body (implants and injections), use dangerous chemicals or substances in or on the body to alter its appearance (pills, bleaching, artificial tanning), anything that interferes or goes against the natural rhythm of the body, of it’s natural functioning. Some things like dying/cutting/waxing hair, piercing ears, getting tattoos, applying false eyelashes, etc., is not what I am speaking about here. It’s those extreme, dangerous, or semi-dangerous practices/procedures that can have a devastating effect immediately and/or over time.

What are the reasons for these behaviors, to cause the perceived need to take the extreme measures to self? I believe it is born out of inadequacy/insecurity, but it goes deeper still— self-hate.

The way I would determine this is, is the question to be posed. Why would one put themselves at  health risk, or hazard, for the simple sake of appearance? The appearance must be of utmost importance (above health) to risk your well-being to attain whatever worth, attention, attraction, or desirability you think you will receive. Let’s take it a little further: to alter your appearance  to the point of nonrecognition; that you no longer look the way you are naturally predisposed to look, to totally distort to a completely different visage/image, and to consciously, deliberately do this to your self, cannot be less than self hate.

Why is so damaging to engage in unnatural and excessive body modification? While you may be able to get away with engaging in various practices and procedures once or twice (or may not), the more you do it, the more you are putting yourself at a health risk. This is not to say that you cannot experience an adverse effect to your health the first time (especially with the use of artificial and dangerous substances), it does happen, not everyone is that lucky. Also you don’t get to receive the  benefit and peace of loving and accepting yourself as you are, as you are always seeking to alter it.

 How do we reverse excessive body Modification:

  • Ask yourself the questions. Is it worth it ? What about the money? Do you absolutely need it? Is it essential to your survival? Is it worth the  health risk, dying, injured/damaged, or spending the rest of your life trying to reverse what could have been avoided?
  • Build healthy self image.Positive affirmations about your self are good for this. Do it in front of the mirror.  Looking in your eyes, has powerful effects, and profound healing. Do it as many times as you can. Say ” I am enough…….. I am perfect…..”I forgive myself for thinking there is something wrong with me.”  As you continue to do this, you develop appreciation, and love for your body and self, then altering your body will not feel needed.
  • If you must do things to enhance (highlight what is naturally occurring, not complete change of  self) to your appearance/body, take more of a healthier approach. Exercise (become the best version of self), use natural herbal/plant based products, pills/vitamins/supplements (biotin, maca root, etc.) to increase certain attributes, naturally. The results may not be drastic or severe, and may occur more subtly and slowly, but it is better for your health, and it feels better know you’re not damaging the body (no negative, adverse side-effects).


Just know that you are perfect, naturally, as you are. It’s a lot less risky, costly, and anxiety producing to just love, and accept yourself as you are. It’s ok to be you.

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