How To Overcome: Physical Neglect (Part 3)

(A Woman’s Guide To Reclaiming Wholeness After Sexual Abuse)

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By Simone N


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Episode #13

Do you neglect your personal hygiene and grooming?

How do know this?

Why is it important to tend to our personal self care?


This is not a very popular subject, but I am going to take the opportunity to speak about this  important topic.

To neglect personal hygiene and grooming is another way we can sabotage ourselves. To groom one’s self is to give ourselves a presentable, neat appearance (combed hair, neat, clean wrinkle-free clothes, overall clean appearance). To practice good hygiene (cleaning and sanitizing body, hair, nails, skin) it encompasses good grooming as well. To properly groom and practice good hygiene has a great bearing (also a reflection) on how you see yourself,  you have better self-esteem, mental and emotional wellness, and people perceive you in a higher light. To neglect good hygiene practices and habits, taking the appropriate bath and shower; cleaning  your skin, hair, nails, teeth, over time it can have a negative effects on your health, sometimes serious repercussions.

For example, if you neglect good oral hygiene, it can result in cavities, gingivitis, and plaque (bad breath, who wants that?), and if it left unchanged, it can result in further serious issues, like heart problems (attack or disease), respiratory infections, dementia etc. Do not overlook something as “small” as brushing ( and flossing) teeth, as you are seriously sabotaging your health by avoiding the responsibility of personal hygiene.

Another example like neglecting the care of your hair, can result in lice, fungal and even parasitic infection, hair loss, and can of course worsen over time if unchanged. Let’s put it his way, with bad hygienic habits, there will always be an overgrowth of micro organisms, of bacteria, viruses, parasites, which can overwhelm the body in excess and cause significant risk to health.

Why is it so damaging to not practice good personal hygiene and grooming? Poor hygiene does not have a good affect on social life/interactions, relationships (family and friends) because it is off-putting. To many (if not all), find it is unattractive to have or see an unkempt, un-groomed, unhygienic appearance(also a foul odor, sickness from these habits). Overtime,  social isolation happens as a result of neglecting self care, which then deepens low self-esteem, and then depression. As I stated above, it has serious health consequences as well.


Ways to reverse bad hygiene and grooming habits:

  • Firstly the thing you should know, is that the first impression someone has of you upon meeting, is your appearance. Do you want them to see you as unorganized, careless, unkempt, having low self esteem? Do you want them to be put-off, offended, irritated, or concerned by you appearance and odor? Is it worth loosing opportunities, jobs, relationships, become socially isolated and depressed? It is a lot more effective, to see if it is worth it rather that thinking you should.
  •  Make it a conscious effort to set time to take care your physical body and appearance, you can even watch videos, or read articles on the subject, it will give you a greater sense of importance by observing and learning from other people. It can be easy to neglect the self; anybody for  that matter, especially when there are stressful circumstances, and difficult emotions (depression) being dealt with.
  • Getting to know the root of this habit. Depression (feelings of hopelessness) is a big reason (which will be discussed in later article); low self esteem, grief, etc. It can be a learnt behavior from others as well.


That’s a little bit about neglecting sleep. Hopefully, it brought you some clarity about yourself pertaining to this subject. I will expand upon this subject, and other forms of self neglect (sleep, food) in the topic of depression.

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