Now That You’ve Survived, Do Know Who You Are?

(A Woman’s Guide To Reclaiming Wholeness After Sexual Abuse)

Blog and Podcast Show notes


By Simone N


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Episode #1

Have you been sexually abused?

Do you still see your self through the lens of past trauma? 

Have you defined yourself by it?


The perspective and approach that I have an intention for, as well as making this a unique program (podcast and blog), is it has the focus of personal development , tailored to those who have survived sexual abuse; peeling off the layers of distortions and lies (residual thoughts and imprints); unlocking the three-part being (body/mind/spirit) intertwined with a little spirituality.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I believe that there are some special problems, deeply ingrained habits and beliefs, that need to be paid special attention to. Especially an individual who has endured sexual abuse, the trauma is deep and not so easily resolved. Something  that may work someone who hasn’t experienced that kind of trauma, may not be so effective for someone who has. These penetrating topics are what I will be focusing on. For example, guilt, shame, trust issues, setting boundaries, making yourself feel safe, etc.

The type of women that this program pertains to are the one who are no longer in the initial stage of recovery (survival), and want to live fully and become their best self (thriving).

The reason why survivors of sexual abuse need to reclaim their wholeness, is for the reason that many of us, most of time we define ourselves by the trauma; it’s become our self-identity, we “lose” our sense of self. From a scientific standpoint of trauma, it  physically alters our brains; the way it functions (neurological pathways, circuits, leaves imprints on our cells). On a real and physical level, it changes us, the way we think and function.

The mind, itself can heal, but it does need some help. The way to heal our mind is to  reverse those patterns, (heal) the imprints on our mind, redirecting those pathways, by impressing on our minds those things that create a new thing in our minds. Engaging in therapy, listening to healing music, meditation, positive affirmations, communion and communication with loved ones, can facilitate healing, developing new ideas/beliefs about ourselves and life, reversing that which we are trying to fix and heal.

In addition, spirituality, which I believe, plays a important role in healing and recovery. The Higher Power/ Divine/Source, has helped me to heal; still I had to work very hard, to have as much progress as I did. It was this Higher that helped me through when I wanted to give up, commit suicide, ran out of strength. The mere fact that I am still alive, is my proof that I was strengthened and sustained by something higher than my self. I also believe in the “science”, down-to-earth side of things, as they work together (in my opinion).

Of course, not everyone has to agree or believe me, and that’s OK. I am just sharing what worked for me, and if it does the same for you, awesome.

Let me tell the truth to you today: you can overcome anything, heal anything, do anything, the power is within you, nothing can beat you.

So keep going.

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