Starting the Journey: Introducing My new Program

By: Simone N

Do you know the answers to any of the burning questions of the difficulties, challenges and problems of your life? How I self-improve despite the changes and inconsistencies in transition ? How to deal with the uncertainty and confusion?  How to deal with the frustration, anger, and exhaustion,  hopelessness, of it all?

I will delve into these issues that plague us, and more. In my new blog series and podcast show , you will be able to get the information in whichever way you desire; an extended more in-depth commentary in an audio podcast (you can also subscribe and download to the show at Stitcher or iTunes), or read a short, concise version in a written post. It is your choice.

Let’s start.

 Transition, Loss and Change: How and why it is so Difficult: transition-loss-and-change-how-and-why-it-is-so-traumatic-and-difficult

2. Loss and the Power of Letting go loss-and-the-power-of-letting-go

3. True Friends: What are they?:

4. Developing Self Awareness:

5.Developing Self Love: Trust, Confidence and Respect:

6. Developing Self; Childhood Wounds: The Cause of Self-Sabotage?

7. Developing Self: Acknowledging and Healing Emotional Sabotage: